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By on March 20th, 2009.
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It’s been a long time since I wished for a pet, and finally the time came when I was free and able to do so. I had many choices to choose from, birds, dogs, cats, monkeys, and many other creatures I’ve never thought they existed with different colours, skin and fair.

After many prons and cons about what pet I’m going to adopt me eyes fell for a small white kitten with orange spots and those sweet blue eyes and smile made me feel in love with him forever. Barto was going to be my first pet.
As soon as I arrive home from school I go to feed him some dry food and finish with some vanilla ice-cream for dessert, take him for a walk and play different games with him, either with the cotton ball or by throwing things at him while he tries his best to catch them.

Although my parents aren’t fans of my pretty cat sometimes they also come and give a helping hand with the everyday procedures and we have fun and enjoy ourselves together…and maybe someday they will interest themselves to a point to adopt one as well.

Barto was never annoyed with my playing, and was always hungry, the more I give him to eat the more he gets hungry. Sometimes I also got points and rewards for the way I treated him and my parents kept showing interest in the way I was really becoming responsible and keep my everyday scheduled time dedicated to Barto and give him whatever he needs and make sure that his status is very happy.

Although I have to admit that Barto really filled my life, sometimes I feel really sad, and this generally happens when I meet my schoolmates at school and hear them talk about their pets and the way they can watch television on the sofa and have their dog beside them or their cat who is more naughty than mine and can’t stop meowing or scratching their slippers.

My final wish is that someday I will be really able to have this pet beside me on the sofa ..and I just dream about that moment when I can feel him purring and feel that soft fair in the palms of my hands…since for know I just have to show my parents that I can really be responsible for him during my two hours time break at home while playing with my virtual pet Barto on my personal computer at home.

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